Axial Flow Check Valve(Long Type)

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Axial Flow Check Valve(Long Type)

COTECH Axial Flow Check Valves will be your best choice for all critical service environment range from potable to highly corrosive fluid, rang from heavy crude oil to natural gas.
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Axial flow

Streamlined flow path through full-port expanded body avoids turbulence and prevents erosion and vibration. Process downtime and maintenance costs are eliminated. Intelligent use of venture results in static and dynamic performance, axial flow check valve has become the preferred choice for special applications.


Valve design to API 6D/ASME B16.34.

All valves are available with any international flange standard.

Low pressure drop

The full opening flow passage and high-pressure recovery of the venturi-shaped body result in very low pressure loss: reduced operating cost of pumps and compressors.

Horizontal/Vertical installation

Unlike most traditional swing check valves, COTECH axial check valves are ideal for both horizontal and vertical pipeline installation.

Maintenance Free

The COTECH Axial Flow Check Valve designs use no soft parts and therefore inherently fire-safe. Various other non-return valve designs rely on external devices like counterweights and slam retarders to operate satisfactorily. Those do not allow buried installation, are space consuming and require regular maintenance. The COTECH Axial Flow Check Valve can be buried or installed in locations where space or weight is at a premium. The COTECH Axial Flow Check Valve normally does not require maintenance.

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